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Accessing Storage account using SAS token

Accessing Storage account using SAS token

Difficulty Level
Lab Duration
45 Min
About Lab


A SAS (Shared Access Signature) token is a string of characters that provides restricted access to a storage account or specific resources within a storage account.

  • What Will You Learn ?
    • Learn to generate access token for a container.

    • Learn to install and explore Azure Storage Explorer.
    • Learn to access a storage account using Storage Explorer.


To complete this lab, you will need:

  • Basic knowledge of the Azure portal. If you're unfamiliar to Azure Portal, you can follow this lab

  • If you have a personal or corporate Azure Cloud account or project, it is recommended to run your cloud labs in an incognito window in order to avoid confusion of accounts.

Launching Lab:

  • Click on Start Lab to generate credentials for Azure, it will star