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Amazon SQS and Message Queues

Amazon SQS and Message Queues

Difficulty Level
Lab Duration
30 Min
About Lab


In this lab you will learn about SQS queue and its various types ( Standard, FIFO). You also get to know how to send messages in SQS, polling for messages, deleting them and what do messages consists.

What Will You Learn?

  • Get an understanding of SQS queues and its types
  • Create an SQS queue using the AWS Console
  • Send messages in queue and learn about different fields of a message
  • Understanding how to poll messages for SQS queue and deleting them


User should have basic understanding of amazon web services (AWS) console and aws services.

Lab Steps:

1. Launching Lab 

  • Click on Start Lab to generate credentials for AWS, it will start the lab.
  • Once the Lab is started, you will be provided with IAM user name, Password, & Login URL.
  • Click on the open console, AWS Management Console will open in a new tab.
  • In the AWS sign in page, the Account ID will be present by default.
  • Leave the Account ID as default. Do not remove or change the Account ID otherwise you cannot proceed with the lab.
  • Use the same IAM user name and Password into AWS Console that is generated on your Qwikskills dashboard. Cl