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Automating EBS snapshots using AWS Lambda

Automating EBS snapshots using AWS Lambda

Difficulty Level
Lab Duration
60 Min
About Lab


You can back up the data on your Amazon EBS volumes to Amazon S3 by taking point-in-time snapshots. Snapshots are incremental backups, which means that only the blocks on the device that have changed after your most recent snapshot are saved. This minimizes the time required to create the snapshot and saves on storage costs by not duplicating data.

This Lab guides you on how to automate EBS snapshots using AWS Lambda.

What Will You Learn?

  • Create an IAM role with necessary permission to perform the operation. This will be assigned to the lambda function that we will create
  • Python script with logic to create the snapshots of an existing EC2 instance.
  • Create a Lambda function and configure events schedule to trigger this function


User should have basic understanding of:

  • Amazon Console 
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS CloudWatch

Lab Steps:

1. Launching Lab 

  • Click on Start Lab to generate credentials for AWS, it will start the lab.
  • Once the Lab is started, you will be provided with IAM user name, Password, & Login URL.
  • Click on the open console, AWS Management Console will open i