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BigQuery Machine Learning

BigQuery Machine Learning

Difficulty Level
Lab Duration
45 Min
About Lab


BigQuery Machine Learning (BigQuery ML) enables users to create and execute machine learning models in BigQuery using SQL queries. The goal is to democratise machine learning by enabling SQL practitioners to build models using their existing tools and to increase development speed by eliminating the need for data movement.

There is a newly available ecommerce dataset that has millions of Google Analytics records for the Google Merchandise Store loaded into BigQuery. In this lab you will use this data to create a model that predicts whether a visitor will make a transaction.

What you'll learn

How to create, evaluate and use machine learning models in BigQuery


  • You should be familiar with how to start and end labs on QwikSkills platform. Along with that you should know how to login to the GCP Console. 
  • Familiar with GCP Console UI. Opening services through the menu.
  • If this is your first lab then you can learn the above prerequisites from Show More