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Configuring a Network Security Group (NSG) to Secure Network

Configuring a Network Security Group (NSG) to Secure Network

Difficulty Level
Lab Duration
45 Min
About Lab


A network security group (NSG) in Azure is the way to activate a rule or access control list (ACL), which will allow or deny network traffic to your virtual machine instances in a virtual network. NSGs can be associated with subnets or individual virtual machine instances within that subnet. 

  • What Will You Learn ?

    • Learn about how to use create a virtual machine without NSG

    • Learn to use create NSG and attach it to the virtual machine

    • Learn to add/modify NSG to allow/block the traffic


As this lab is foundational, it requires user to have basic knowledge of Azure PaaS services (Theoretical knowledge would be sufficient).

If you have a personal or corporate Azure Cloud account or project, it is recommended to run your cloud labs in an incognito window in order to avoid confusion of accounts.

Launching Lab:

  • Click on Start Lab to generate credentials for Azure, it will start the lab.

  • Once the Lab is started, you will be provided with Username, Password, Resource Group Name & Region.