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Configuring S3 bucket policies

Configuring S3 bucket policies

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Lab Duration
30 Min
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A bucket policy is a resource-based policy that you can use to grant access permissions to your bucket and the objects in it. Only the bucket owner can associate a policy with a bucket. The permissions attached to the bucket apply to all of the objects in the bucket that are owned by the bucket owner. These permissions do not apply to objects owned by other AWS accounts.

By default, when another AWS account uploads an object to your S3 bucket, that account (the object writer) owns the object, has access to it, and can grant other users access to it through ACLs. You can use Object Ownership to change this default behaviour so that ACLs are disabled and you, as the bucket owner, automatically own every object in your bucket. As a result, access control for your data is based on policies, such as IAM policies, S3 bucket policies, virtual private cloud (VPC) endpoint policies, and AWS Organizations service control policies (SCPs)

In this lab you will learn about S3 bucket policies & how to apply them on S3 bucket. 

What Will You Learn?

  • Get an understanding of S3 bucket policies
  • Apply policy on S3 bucket


User should have basic understanding of below:

  • AWS S3 bucket

Lab Steps:<