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Create Elastic Network Interface - Multiple IPs on an EC2

Create Elastic Network Interface - Multiple IPs on an EC2

Difficulty Level
Lab Duration
45 Min
About Lab


  • This lab walks you through the steps to launch and configure a virtual machine in the Amazon cloud.
  • You will practice using Amazon Machine Images to launch Amazon EC2 Instances and use user data to create and install a web page using the instance. You will create a web page and publish it.
  • You will also create an additional elastic network interface and an additional elastic IP.  Attach these additional created resources with EC2, and use another security group with HTTPS permission to test it.

What Will You Learn?

Upon completion of this lab you will be able to:

  1. Create and launch Amazon EC2 Instance.
  2. Create an Elastic IP and additional Network Interface.
  3. Create a webpage and publish it.


No prior experience is required for performing this lab.

Lab Steps:

1. Starting a lab

  • Every AWS lab on the QwikSkills platform has a uniform user interface. You will see the below screen whenever you open up any lab.
  • The blue-colored “Start Lab” button will set up the temporary username and password and assign the required cloud permissions in the background. Click on the button to start the lab. 

2. Opening AWS Portal