10 Most Popular And In-Demand Cloud Certifications of 2023?

Cloud computing is a sought-after ability. An appropriate certification can enable you to demonstrate your expertise to prospective employers and fill in any gaps in your understanding.

If you’re looking for a cloud-based certification in 2022, but aren’t sure which certification to pursue, this blog is for you. This guide will help you understand the most popular Cloud Computing certifications which will allow you to grow, advance, and build your profession as a Cloud Computing Certification Specialist in 2022. Then, you will be able to decide the Cloud Certification is best for you.

AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate is a set of certifications in technical aspects that Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides to professionals as well as novices in the field of enterprise architecture and solutions architects. This certification aids in the development and identification of cloud-related abilities. This certification proves that you have the ability to implement distributed systems on AWS. The AWS certificate is only available to people who are skilled in the field of solution architecture (deploying and securing web applications) and have worked on AWS services for at least a year.

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 

According to Amazon AWS, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is a fundamental test that is intended for those who “can effectively demonstrate an overall knowledge of AWS Cloud.” This test confirms that the candidate is knowledgeable about the most important AWS cloud infrastructure and services. Cloud certification provides a comprehensive overview of AWS the most important services security network, as well as other capabilities. This certification is ideal for anyone who is interested in cloud computing, or even the AWS cloud platform. Certified by AWS, the AWS Certified Developer Associate test is an Amazon Web Services exam that evaluates the ability of a candidate to demonstrate the creation and maintenance of apps using AWS. The Cloud Computing Certification is ideal for programmers and software developers who are interested in developing cloud-based applications.

  • AWS-certified Sysops Administrator – Associate

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate certification is designed to show technical proficiency to be able to assist system administrators for cloud-based operations positions.

This certification helps companies discover and build the necessary capabilities for cloud implementation. This certificate demonstrates your capability to manage and build workloads using AWS.

The associate certification is open to those with at least one year of previous experience in AWS deployment as well as operations and management. This certification can help you select the best service for your needs.

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

The Azure Fundamentals certification can be earned by demonstrating an understanding of cloud concepts, Azure services, and Azure workloads.

This certification is intended for people who are knowledgeable about cloud-based services. This course will educate you on the basics of cloud computing and the best ways to utilize cloud services.

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

Azure Administrators are accountable for managing and monitoring Microsoft Azure solutions that include storage, computing, as well as security. This certification allows you to demonstrate that you’re capable of managing and deployment of Azure compute resources. This certificate allows you to manage, and create cloud services and keep track of them including storage, security, and virtual environments.

  • Google Associate Cloud Engineer

Assistant Cloud Engineers provide and safeguard infrastructure and applications oversee various operations of projects and manage corporate solutions to ensure that they achieve their performance targets. This person has worked working with both public and on-premise cloud services. This certification is crucial for programmers, developers, as well as software engineers. The person who holds this certification is responsible for the deployment of cloud-based web applications as well as monitoring and managing operations.

  • Microsoft Certified Expert

An Azure solution architect collaborates closely with cloud administrators, cloud DBAs, and customers to develop solutions. This credential shows the capacity to provide suggestions to stakeholders and translate business needs into safe, reliable, and flexible solutions. This certification is designed for skilled programmers, developers, as well as DevOps professionals who wish to become Azure experts.

  • Google Professional Cloud Architect 

You’re a Google Certified Professional – Cloud Architect if you possess the capability to design and plan an architecture for cloud solutions. Cloud infrastructures can be controlled and managed. Secure and conforming design.

This test tests your ability to design and plan the cloud solution architecture and to manage cloud infrastructure.

This certification is perfect for IT professionals who want to become solution architects for Google Cloud technologies like Big Table, Big Query, and other GCP platform services.

  • AWS Solutions Professional

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional test demonstrates advanced technical abilities and knowledge in the development of distributed systems and applications using Amazon’s cloud platform.

This certification aids in identifying developers with essential abilities for cloud implementation. This certificate certifies that you have the ability to create tests, evaluate, and test AWS applications in a variety of conditions.

This advanced certification will show you how to build and deploy web-based applications that are scalable using Amazon AWS servers. It will also teach you how to select the best service and the right power for your application.

  • This credential is designed for developers who can create and develop apps with AWS solutions. This is an associate-level credential that is a top priority for every cloud developer. The credential comes with a 102,000 annual salary, which is a reflection of the growing need for AWS developers.
  • Cloud Practitioner certification is a beginning-level certification. It was designed to give candidates an understanding of AWS. This certification is among the most sought-after in the cloud and has the highest rate of adoption by cloud experts. This certification could earn you an annual salary of $113,000.

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