How is AWS cloud computing as a career?

According to IDC data, spending on public cloud infrastructure and services will more than double, from $ 229 billion in 2019 to about $ 500 billion in 2023. This represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 22 percent. The key public cloud investment areas for this high-growth five-year window are:

  • Professional services (25.6%)
  • Telecommunications (24.1%)
  • Retail (23.7%)
  • Industrial resources (23.3%)
  • Personal and consumer services (23.1%)

If you follow the money, you will see that a career in the public cloud has a very bright future. However, of course, the reason for choosing AWS as your career path is not enough if you follow the numbers. If you feel stuck in your current IT career and are looking for a new career, for example, then you need to choose the right career for the right reasons. This article will provide useful information to help you decide if an AWS career is a good choice for you.

What are AWS certifications?

Amazon Web Services was one of the companies that started the cloud computing craze. Follow both Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure to adapt. That makes AWS one of the most successful cloud computing companies on the market, and that cannot earn the company’s respect.

In 2013, AWS decided to capitalize on the credibility it enjoyed and established a certification company. The company issues 11 types of certificates in the Basic, Associate, Professional, and Specialized series. So why use an AWS certificate instead of Azure or Google Cloud? The simple answer is that more than 40% of cloud-based platforms operate on Amazon servers.

This means that if you will be working on legacy projects or developing new ones, the strangest thing is that you will need a deep understanding of AWS. Almost no companies work exclusively with Azure or Google Cloud, but some work primarily with AWS.

How to Progress a Career with AWS Certifications

Obtaining a certificate is sure to increase your value in the eyes of employers. However, without a plan, you will have a hard time landing a job for much longer.

Know where you are going

You know that question they ask you in the interview all the time, where would you like to be in five years? Well, you have to answer that question for yourself.

Before you can start preparing for the AWS certification exams, you need to understand why you need to get one. If you know what position to fill in the future, and many companies with these positions offer AWS certification as a bonus, or if you work closely with AWS, you know you are on the right track.

Know your cloud technology

Once you know what your goals are, you can start learning. If you are an experienced software engineer who has run a few cloud-based projects, you can try the AWS exams without much preparation. However, even IT veterans should refresh their memory on specific aspects of cloud computing that they have not used in a while, or they will lose $ 300.

If you are beginning to understand cloud computing or want to advance your knowledge, you need to learn a lot before taking an exam.

Qwikskills courses give you dozens of hours to study from the basics to machine learning on AWS. Furthermore, it is perfectly organized into learning paths, so you do not have to stop learning one thing because you realize you do not know something important that you are following.

Get hands-on experience

So far, no theoretical knowledge can be found. You have to be hands-on with AWS to have a chance to fight on the exam.

How do you do that? Amazon gives you free access to a limited set of features for a full year, so you should be able to have a free private litter box for quite some time. You can also participate in an open-source project and work as part of a team. If you want to understand the platform before doing your project, try the Qwikskills cloud labs. You will be able to test your newly developed skills in a more controlled type of litter box and learn from your mistakes rather than just understanding what you did wrong.

Prepare for the exam.

Once you know a lot about AWS, it is time to prepare for the exam. You can check the suitability of each step in the learning path on the AWS website and take the prep exams here at Qwikskills.

Register on the AWS website and schedule once you feel confident about passing the training tests. The most important thing here is to make sure you choose the time to perform your best. If you choose when and where you fall asleep or are tired, you are simply wasting your investment.

Show real knowledge of the interview.

A certificate is just a piece of paper worth paying attention to an employer. The real value lies in the practical and theoretical knowledge you acquire along the way. If you studied hard with Qwikskills, you would make a lasting first impression of the interview thanks to what you now know.

Wrap Up

The way to enhance your career with AWS certifications is pretty simple – decide your goals, learn a lot, get certified, and use it to understand the employer. Unfortunately, while the path itself is simple, few can complete it from the first attempt.

There are pitfalls at every step. You need to follow the right learning path, get quality guidance, gain practical skills, and work on your resume to get a better position on the job. Qwikskills offers all of this and helps you pass the AWS exam on your first try.


AWS-certified jobs can be an ideal career choice if you have a passion for cloud computing. Your future AWS career path has many possibilities because AWS-certified professionals are in high demand. There are also several ways you can integrate into the IT field once you have AWS experience. With AWS certification, you see salary increases and get various opportunities to work in the IT industry.



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