Best Cloud Certification 2022

What is the best cloud certification to get? Almost any cloud certification can help propel a career forward. Cloud computing is a valuable skill today. It opens channels of communication and safe storage of documents and other resources. These days, more and more businesses are taking advantage of their cloud computing options, which means that more and more businesses need people with cloud computing certificates to help them manage their servers. Here are some of the best cloud computing certificates available, including options among the best cloud certifications for beginners.

Should you get a certificate in the cloud?

Like many IT professions, practical experience can often speak louder than certification alone. That said, certification can help communicate your ability to hiring managers and help you develop experiences where you may be lacking.

Cloud computing is a very popular skill. The median salary for cloud computing professionals in North America was $ 153,655, according to a 2020 report from Global Knowledge. This is significantly higher than the industry average, which was $ 115,906. In a recession, global Knowledge also included two cloud professions (cloud administrator and architect) in its top ten IT jobs. So if you have some IT or computer programming experience and want to experience cloud computing or integrate the cloud into your career, certification can certainly be beneficial.

10 Best Cloud Certification in 2021- You Should Know

Without wasting any more time, here is a list of the best cloud certifications of 2021. You can focus on this certification to boost your career and start your career in Cloud Computing as a Cloud Professional, Developer Architect, and Solution.

Amazon Web Services Solution Architect (AWS) – Associate

Advanced Solutions Architect – The Associate Certification is a multiple-choice exam that tests your ability to deploy, manage, and deploy multiple services on AWS, the leading platform in the cloud market. The certification demonstrates your proficiency in the basic technical concepts of AWS cloud engineering that can qualify you for related jobs.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is designed for candidates with a few months of experience. However, it can be a way to gain experience for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification. Alternatively, consider taking some AWS basics courses on Coursera.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Basics

With the second largest market share in the cloud space, Azure can be a useful cloud platform for learning. The AZ-900 exam is the original Azure certification and is designed for people with both technical and non-technical backgrounds. It is a solid confirmation to get you familiar with the basics of Azure. From there, you can proceed to the Azure Administrator Associate or Azure Developer Associate certifications, although this is not a prerequisite.

Google Associate Cloud Engineer

Certification as a Google Cloud Associate Engineer will mean demonstrating proficiency in the basics of working with Google Cloud. This includes setting up a cloud solution environment, managing storage and databases, and setting up access and security, among other things.

IBM Certified Solution Advisor – IBM V2 Cloud Foundations

IBM cloud services take up less market share than others, but they can still be useful in industries that use IBM cloud platforms. IBM Certification Solutions Advisor: Cloud Foundation V2 is the original certification for the IBM Cloud. If you work in a place that primarily designs IBM cloud-based solutions or hopes to do so in the future, this certification might make sense. In addition, there are higher IBM cloud certifications, such as IBM Certified Application Developer – Cloud Solutions v3.

Cloud Security Alliance: Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)

The CCSK is issued by the Cloud Security Alliance, a vendor-independent certified vendor. This means that what you learn by becoming certified can be applied to different cloud platforms. The CCSK focuses on the basic elements of cloud security. Other advanced certifications, such as the PRSA of (ISC) 2, demonstrate a professional level of mastery of cloud security.

AWS Certified Developer – Associate

This is the best cloud certification for programmers and software developers looking to build cloud-native applications. If you have more than one year in AWS Service Management, this associate certification is right for you. It will teach you how to use AWS core services and your architecture, application development, and deployment on AWS.

This is also one of the more difficult AWS certifications than the previous two certifications as a cloud professional and solution architect. It is not enough to know various AWS services; it is necessary to know them in-depth to use the correct configurations in a particular situation.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Associate Administrator

This is another Azure certification that has made a top 7 cloud certifications list. This is the best Azure certification for system administrators and people who work in IT support. This certification will give you the experiences to implement, manage and monitor cloud services such as storage, security and virtual environment, and many other responsibilities.

To prepare, you need to know all the essential Azure services and how to use, configure, and troubleshoot them.

AWS SysOps Certified Administrator – Associate

This associate certification is for people with at least one year of deployment, management, and operations at AWS and teaches you how to select the right service for your needs and control the flow of AWS data and more.

Namely, this is the best cloud certification for system administrators and IT professionals working on the infrared side. If you work in IT support or as a systems administrator, you may want to focus on this certification to advance your career.

CCSP- Certified Cloud Security Professional

Then there is the PRSA certificate or the Certified Cloud Security Professional certificate. This is a broad-based certification that covers cloud design, data, security, compliance, and risk, as well as other cloud computing materials needed to support cloud deployment within a business or organization. While the PRSA is one of the best certifications for cloud computing, it is not a certification option that will admit beginners. It requires at least five years of paid work in the information technology field, and the PRSA has specific requirements on which jobs may depend upon the eligibility for certification.

However, becoming an Associate of (ISC) 2 by taking the exam without the necessary experience. The examinee can later gain the experience and obtain a PRSA certificate that way. In addition, taking the exam can boost your resume to recruit candidates for some of the most competitive relevant positions.

CompTIA Cloud +

The CompTIA Cloud + certification verifies the knowledge that cloud experts need to work in data center jobs. This certification offers job seekers a competitive boost. It covers cloud-based workflows, data migration, system architecture, security, and various other topics that cloud experts must work on for various vendors. Unlike many other cloud certification options, this particular exam is vendor-independent, meaning it is not from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, or other major cloud computing providers. CompTIA Cloud + is a great option for anyone applying for jobs across multiple platforms as a vendor-independent certification. The information gained from this certification is the type of information that translates well across platforms. Some people choose to get this certificate first and then get a vendor-specific certificate after further establishing themselves in the field.

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