Why Do You Need Dataiku Certifications?

Dataiku is a leading name in the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning domain. Today, it offers its services to more than 450 companies in the world. It helps them organize their data and AI operations, counter frauds, maintain supply chain optimization, and offer other assistance in between.

Dataiku’s Academy offers its training programs and certifications to train and validate future Dataiku DSS professionals who will shape how we think and live in upcoming years. These certifications are no less than a golden opportunity for IT professionals to earn a valuable credential in Data Sciences and renovate their careers.

Dataiku Certifications:

Core Designer Certificate 

Dataiku Core Designer Certification Practice Tests

It is the basic credential that you need to prove your Dataiku DSS skills. If you are willing to enter the sphere of DSS, it is a great start for you.

To earn this credential, you have to complete Dataiku’s Core Designer Learning Path. This program is divided into three courses, i.e., Basics 101,102, and 103, and optional courses such as Dataiku DSS and SQL.

After completing the certification course, you will be able to understand the basic concepts of DSS like project flow, datasets, data preparation, and more & easily build simple workflows within DSS with the visual tools. 

Practice the Dataiku Core Designer Exam with Practice Tests

ML Practitioner Certificate 

Dataiku ML Practitioner Certificate

Dataiku Machine Learning certification is an excellent credential for learning the core concepts of AI and machine learning and landing the jobs of Data Scientist and Data Analyst.

This course will help you create, evaluate, and tune machine learning models with the DSS Visual ML tool. At the same time, you will be taught to deploy models from Lab to Flow, explain your model with AI tools, and analyze your data with the Interactive Stats tool. The course will also help you in learning the basics of Model Lifecycle Management.

To complete the learning path, you have to finish three mandatory courses, i.e., Machine Learning Basics, Scoring Basics, and Interactive Visual Statistics.

Advanced Designer Certificate 

Dataiku Advanced Designer Certificate 

Advanced Designer Certificate is for those learners who have already cleared the core certifications and have much hands-on experience in DSS. This advanced certification helps you in landing data scientists, data engineers, or advanced analyst jobs. 

During the course tenure, you will learn about designing data pipelines, optimizing workflow, automating data pipelines, and DSS extensibility with the plugins. The curriculum features six separate courses, i.e., Variables 101, Visual Recipes 102, Plugin Store, Flow Views and Actions, Automation, and Advanced Partitioning.

Developer Certificate

Dataiku Developer Certificate

Suppose you are looking for a higher credential in the domain of Data Science. In that case, Dataiku Developer Certification can be a golden opportunity for you. 

This high-level certification will help you learn advanced data science methods and train you to incorporate codes into DSS projects, manage codes across projects, drive DSS through. The learning path for this certification includes eight mandatory sources such as Code in Dataiku DSS, Custom ML Models, Shared Code, and more. 

Why are Dataiku Certifications highly beneficial for your Career?

Dataiku is one of the world’s most advanced Enterprise AI platforms and has been twice recognized by Forbes as one of the leading American companies and America’s Best Startup Employers 2021. It is already a highly reputed name in data science, analytic insights, and machine learning. Therefore, in the upcoming years, it will become the biggest giant in the Enterprise AI sphere. 

Suppose you are interested in launching or advancing your Career in these fields. In that case, Dataiku’s certifications can shape and validate your skills. Likewise, if you possess any knowledge about Dataiku Cloud operations, you can expand your Career with these world-class certifications.

These certifications provide you with in-depth knowledge about data insights and data science, along with global job landing opportunities. With Dataiku’s learning paths and certifications, you can learn about the key concepts of Dataiku DSS, data connections, important tools and designing, and much more. This way, you can also equip yourself for jobs like data scientists, head analysts, and more. 

Dataiku Academy offers you a variety of educational learning material for learning advanced coding integration, analytics, designing and optimizing data pipelines, and more. 

About Dataiku Academy

Dataiku Academy
Image from: Dataiku Academy

Dataiku Academy is a self-service learning portal developed by Dataiku that helps users of Dataiku to develop data science skills. The Academy provides well-designed learning pathways along with interactive videos, practical courses to assist data learners. Moreover, every learner’s progress in the Academy is tracked, and they are rewarded with badges and certificates of achievements.

Dataiku Academy is created for technical and non-technical users and leads them through online, self-paced training sessions. So, suppose you are beginning to explore Dataiku Enterprise or are an already skilled coder. In that case, you can find valuable training in the Academy and learn skills at your own pace and schedule.


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