How to reach out for an off-campus job as a certified freshman?

Entry-level roles in the cloud field

When you’re an individual interested in pursuing a career as a cloud computing professional, you probably want to know about the various flavors of jobs that are available in the field and what your responsibilities may entail so let’s get started.

What’s required?

  • Investing in yourself is important: Get trained on at least one cloud platform & then pursue a certification in that!

  • Build basic skills & concepts: A beginner in cloud computing will benefit from understanding things like virtualization, storage, and networking as these form the very foundations of the cloud!

  • Gain hands-on experience: Experiment. Fail. And then try again. This is important to gain hands-on experience in the cloud.

  • Build your Network: Make sure you’re sending out your resume directly to any potential employers in this area because it is one industry where employees are always needed! Share your learnings on social media to attract attention to your skills.

How to start your job hunt?

There are many ways to go about finding the right job for you. Job boards and employers’ websites are great places to start. There are other online communities that can help with your search too!

Explore all!

  • Job Boards: Explore, hirect, etc.

  • Linkedin: A lot of recruiters are looking for potential hires on LinkedIn. Make sure you have an updated profile with accurate information.


Certification & hands-on skills are the basic prerequisites for a cloud role. Qwikskills is a one-stop solution for cloud certification preparation & gaining hands-on experience on the cloud. Check it out!


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