Prepare With Cloud Certification Practice Tests for Assured AWS Certifications

Do you have plans of appearing in the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exams? Are you looking for proper guidance to move in the right direction? Your search has ended because you have come to the right place. Check out this detailed guide on how to prepare for these tests for an assured AWS Cloud Certification your kitty.

Why is cloud computing required?

Today, cloud computing has emerged as the largest area in Information Technology. Technology has influenced various industries and sectors throughout the world and has transformed the way humans conduct business and communicate with one another. Cloud Computing also enables clients and businesses to transact better, as well as, include innovative ideas on a large scale and in an effective manner. There is also the fact of not requiring any kind of up-front investment, which means small-scale enterprises can also use this technology.

How to determine the eligibility for AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification exams?

Check out some of the key criteria a person should satisfy for appearing in the AWS

Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification exam:

  1. Appreciating IT services, as well as, how they are used in AWS Cloud Platform
  2. At least 1/2 year of practice AWS cloud concepts in sectors such as managerial, technical, sales, financial, purchasing, etc.

Major objectives of AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam

It is an examination, which tests the theoretical and practical understanding of candidates on cloud computing. Clearing this examination would make the candidate a certified cloud-based analyst or developer. It assesses the knowledge of candidates to:

  1. Explain the meaning of AWS cloud, as well as, its basic infrastructure
  2. Describe pricing, billing, and account management
  3. Elucidate standards of AWS cloud
  4. Explain the fundamental AWS Cloud Architecture principles
  5. Define compliance and security concepts and security model
  6. Identify the major technical documentation or help sources

Preparing for AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

It is a known fact that acing any certification exam is not a cakewalk. It means interested candidates have to put in a lot of effort and time in the right direction for getting a decent score. Check out how to prepare yourself for these examinations:

1. Begin with AWS Training Lessons

These are the 3 AWS Training courses, which can come in handy for clearing these certification exams:

  1. AWS Business Essentials: These are for interested candidates who know the merits of cloud computing. It also elucidates cloud-based approaches and monetary profits to assist people in meeting business goals. The course also advises candidates on acquiescence and safety concepts and assists in understanding the approach of AWS cloud computing.
  2. AWS Technical Essentials: The course throws light on AWS commonplace solutions, goods, and services. It also increases the confidence levels of candidates to analyze AWS services to resolve complex IT issues.
  3. AWS Cloud Practitioner Essential: the course is meant for those candidates who are looking for a thorough comprehension of AWS Cloud. The course includes AWS amenities, cloud concepts, support, security, architecture, and pricing.

2. Familiarize With The Subject Areas

If you are getting ready for an examination, the topic or subject area is a crucial part to focus on. We have already explained the objectives of this certification exam. So go through them properly and begin your training by following the recommended study materials for all topic areas. Also, check your preparedness level by appearing in the online cloud certifications practice tests.

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