Top 10 Google Cloud Certifications You Must Go For in 2022

Is your goal to become a Cloud Computing Professional? Google Cloud Platform is the path to move on. It is not hidden that cloud computing is the ultimate future of the IT industry. Not only just the IT industry, but maximum businesses revolve around cloud platforms to keep their extensive volume of data safe and secure. 

In this article, we will present the 10 most valuable and best Google Cloud Certifications you must opt for in 2022 according to your interest, knowledge, and skillset. Nowadays, Google Cloud Platform is treated as the father of cloud computing. 90% of businesses rely upon GCP for their data storage and safety. Not only this, but they need GCP to host their web applications too. Hence, it is the most trending tech platform that can offer you a great package with an interesting job profile. Professionals or beginners having good knowledge of using Google Cloud Platform for DevOps, Machine learning, and Big Data are in huge demand.

Here, we will list all the necessary certifications that one should go for to become a GCP professional but that truly doesn’t mean ALL. As in, you need not be clear or get recognized with all the certifications unless you want to become a hero in this field. But you can simply opt for any one of these certifications depending on your interest and job role. For example, if you are doing DevOps then getting certified as Google Cloud Professional DevOps Engineer is the right way to learn a GCP for DevOps and earn a certification to showcase your skills. Similarly for beginners, Google Cloud Associate Engineer is the right certification to go for.

Not only this article will help you get the right direction toward becoming a GCP professional but it will help you crack the necessary exams as well. We will tell you about the right exams you must qualify for so that you can get the same role as per your interest.

Let Us Know the Top 10 GCP Certifications One Must Opt For:

1. Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam 

Professionals who are willing to learn cloud computing at the beginning of their careers can go for this most popular GCP certification. This particularly aims at beginners who are in their starting phase. With the help of this certification, you can learn both cloud computing essentials and GCP. It will also teach you how to use the GCP services to help expand businesses globally. It serves you as an entry point in the cloud computing world. The Cloud Digital Leader will thereby help describe common business use cases and find out the solutions to help and support the organization. There are many institutions that are offering this certification. Coursera is one of them, you simply need to apply for the Google Cloud Digital leader Training Process Certificate 

2. Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Certification 

One of the best GCP certifications is Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer if you are a Software Engineer. Developers who want to develop applications on google cloud can treat this as the best option for their sustainable growth and career in the IT industry. 

3. Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Exam 

This is the best Google cloud certification for Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Data Engineers. As the name says, the certified professional will work with the data of their business and will be responsible for collecting, storing, processing, securing, and monitoring data systems. This exam will also help to know how to create machine learning models to understand the data power. The qualified professional or Data Engineer must be able to design, build and manage, secure and monitor the data systems while ensuring no compromise with the security.

4. Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect Certification

It is one of the most difficult exams to crack. Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect Certification is a popular exam among experienced professionals. Job profiles like Senior Software Developers, software architects, solution Architects, etc, are best exposed to this certification exam. This certification will allow you to learn about how to design a solution for an enterprise and how to manage the implementation of cloud design. 

5. Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer Exam

If you are looking for a certification from a developer’s perspective, you are on the right page. So, this GCP Cloud developer exam will allow you to make highly scalable applications using CGoogle’s recommended practices and tools. To crack this exam, one must know how to work with the latest database technology and tools of the developer, and much more. This is an ideal option for python or java developers. 

6. Google Cloud Professional Cloud Network Engineer Certification

This is one of the best certifications who are Network Engineers, and Network Admins with 1 year of work experience. The certified professional will be responsible for managing and implementing network architect solutions in Google GCP such as virtual private cloud VPC.

7. Google Cloud Professional Cloud Security Engineer Exam

Learning this certification will allow you to learn the best practices for security on the Google Cloud Platform. Professionals who are willing to learn the security practices enabling organizations to design secure workloads and infrastructure on the Google cloud platform are welcome to crack this exam. 

If you are a security professional working on Google Cloud and want to get certified for your skill then Google Cloud Professional Cloud Security Engineer is the best certification to look for in 2022.

8. Google Cloud Professional Collaboration Engineer Exam

Another best certification exam for the people who are already working as a Team Lead or Tech Lead can go for this exam in 2022. The certified professional will be responsible for managing the users, resources, and team drive lifecycle along with monitoring the operations and managing emails.

9. Google Cloud Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer Certification

The suitable professional will be responsible to make sure that the DevOps is going well in the organization without compromising its security as well as he will hold up the proper skillset to build the software using GCP. If you are interested in this working profile, you can opt for this certification exam as Cloud DevOps Engineer.

10. Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer Certification

The certified professional will be responsible to prepare and process data within the organization on the GCP platform. He will therefore design and build machine learning models to solve real-time problems and business issues. People who are interested in and working as Machine Learning engineers are likely to crack this exam.

What’s Now?

So, that’s all about the 1o best Google Cloud certifications you can go for in 2022. Cloud computing is the ultimate future of the tech industry and is going to survive for the upcoming decades. To survive as a cloud computing professional, you must be familiar with the GCP platform. And to be an expert in the related field, you need to have proper certification. We all know that a certified professional has a greater chance to survive and get recognition in the IT industry. Therefore, know about these best certifications and get certified as per your best interest and job role.

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