Have certification exam, some last minutes tips

Final day tips for your next cloud certification exam

Below are the tips that I advise anyone attempting to sit for the exams to consider —  

Appearing for an exam in the near future? Read these useful tips!

Be completely fresh before starting the exam.

A few hours can go by pretty quickly when doing the exam, but they do go even faster once you have 60+ questions to answer. Hydrate well (no food or water is allowed during the proctored exam) and get a little exercise in before your test starts for the best results!

Timing is everything

Do not spend more than 2 minutes on one question. Some are extremely long and so require a lot of time to absorb all the information in their question. You may find yourself spending as much as 5 minutes on some questions and run out of time as a result.

Use the flagging functionality to your advantage

Very long-winded questions are probably not your best bet because they’ll take longer to read than someone may want to spend. If you must answer a very long question, consider flagging it. The problem with these sorts of questions — is that can cause you to spend more time than you really should be spending. You’ll know it when you encounter it, so don’t fall into this trap!

Panic helps no one

Plenty of things could go wrong during your exam. But don’t panic! Enjoy the experience, even if you can’t catch your breath, and keep thinking that it’s alright to make mistakes — You should know that you got this! There’s no reason to not pass your AWS Certification Exam, the desire to achieve this milestone is within you.


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