Why should you choose cloud computing as a career option?

Biggest advantages of making a move to the cloud

The world AWS and other cloud providers have created provides us with a lot of advantages compared to a more traditional approach to computing.

Pay-as-you-go model

Switching your model to paying as you go versus all upfront is crucial for businesses, including startups and smaller enterprises who tend to be a bit skittish about taking on risks and don’t want to end up investing a lot of money in business features that might not prove popular with users.

Big volume & scale

With millions of other customers using AWS, you benefit from a shared pool of resources which in aggregate brings costs down massively compared to running your own data center.


When you need to scale globally and launch rapidly into new markets with your assets and infrastructure, there’s no better way to expand internationally than through the cloud’s state-of-the-art global infrastructure. You don’t have to worry about managing hardware overseas or having high latency for your end users.


All these factors have contributed to increased demand for cloud roles. The huge shift in methods and mindset has resulted in huge demand for engineers skilled in the cloud and related technologies.

In order to be eligible for these roles and opportunities — one must have cloud skills. Certifications increase the chances of being shortlisted as well. Apart from these, one would also require hands-on experience with the cloud & knowledge about the cloud platforms. Qwikskills is a one-stop solution for preparing for cloud platforms certification exams & gain hands-on experience on them. Check it out!


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