Some amazing SRE/Devops tips you should know (article 10)

This list is not exhaustive and is a checklist. You’re free to use it as a tool when you evaluate yourself or others based on DevOps/SRE skill sets or even just to prepare for job interviews related specifically to DevOps/SRE roles in general.

Please note that the order of the topics does not indicate their importance. 

  1. Good understanding of how Linux works.
  2. Develop your Cloud Computing skills. Start by choosing a cloud infrastructure provider: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Digitalocean, or Microsoft Azure.
  3. The flow that starts when you hit in the browser? DNS workflow basics.
  4. Learn distributed version control system Git and its basic commands (pull/push/commit/clone/branch/merge/logs…etc.). 
  5. Be at ease with the Terminal. You may have GUIs to manage your servers but you have to LOVE the terminal no matter what’s the case.
  6. How to get the system processes metrics (netstat, top, free, df, etc)
  7. Familiarity with basic Docker commands (logs/inspect/top/ps/rm). Also, look into the docker hub (push/pull image)
  8. Understand backups like what is your backup strategy? How do you test if a backup is reliable
  9. Master useful commands like process monitoring commands (ps, top, htop), system performance commands (free), and network troubleshooting and analysis (tcpdump, ping, curl, netstat)
  10.  How to set and unset ENV variables. Exporting ENV variables is temporary, how to export permanent variables?

These are the most important things that a beginner should focus on while trying to make their career in Cloud/DevOps/SRE fields.


All these resources are great to learn about what topics should be learned. In order to become eligible for a role in cloud computing — hands-on experience on cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or GCP is a very good skill to have.

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