Top 10 Influencers in Cloud Computing of 2023

We have seen many breakthrough innovations in the computing industry, let’s say AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big Data, IoT (Internet of Things), and most importantly Cloud Computing. Although these technologies are interconnected to each other or we can say interdependent on each other. Cloud computing is one of those futuristic technologies that give you immense progress in your career. There has been an enormous demand for Cloud Computing among people who are highly skilled in the computing arena. 

If you are also one of those who chase Cloud Computing influencers to learn the industry’s latest practices, follow these top 10 influential personalities who are not only the loud voices but are the most powerful leaders in the Cloud Computing industry.

Their strong leadership skills and knowledge updates have made them achieve sustainable growth in their career. Here, we have provided you with the top 10 cloud computing influencers of the year 2025 who are working in top cloud service provider companies like AWS, Microsoft, VMware, etc.

1. Werner Vogels

Werner Vogels is one of those masterminds who have revolutionized Cloud computing. He is the key person of Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Services) and a global cloud computing leader. He is currently serving as the chief technology officer and vice president of Amazon.

He holds a  prominent place in the list of Top 10 cloud influencers of 2022 whom you should chase for the best-ever suggestions and latest trends in the cloud computing business., the most followed tech portal has already given him this position. Readwrite is one of these blogs that you can follow to stay updated with his thoughts and advice.

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2. Duncan Epping

Duncan Epping is currently working as a Chief Technologist – Storage & Availability at VMware. He is a leading cloud & platform virtualization provider and is recognized as one of the top 50 most influential leaders globally in Cloud Computing along with the storage and availability domain. He is also the first VMware-certified design expert, an avid blogger on virtualization platforms, and a regular keynote speaker. You can check his articles on the virtualization blog “”. He is also the author of many books in his domain.

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3. Scott Guthrie

The next most influential voice of cloud business is Mr. Guthrie. He has marked his place on global platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, VMware, etc. Scott Guthrie is a prolific choice to put on your list when you need Azure cloud influencers.

At present, he is the Executive VP of the Cloud and Enterprise group in Microsoft. One of his best works is developing the popular server-side framework-, along with his colleague Mark Anders at Microsoft. Moreover, he is now responsible for managing all operations related to Azure at Microsoft. To know more about his latest updates on the Azure platform, you should definitely follow this man.

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4. Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr is one of the most prominent figures in the AWS cloud sphere and definitely a real cloud legend. He is the vice president and chief evangelist at AWS and one of the team’s core members that developed Amazon Web Services (AWS). Jeff has been working in the software industry since 1976 and has worked with the biggest firms like Microsoft and Amazon.

As an evangelist, he has inspired young web developers to create innovative applications and share valuable information in the AWS blogs for almost two decades. He has published more than 3000 blog posts on his AWS blog about cloud development, new releases, updates, advice, etc., and you can read his personal tech blogs at

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5. Vanessa Alvarez

Vanessa Alvarez is another popular name in the cloud computing realm and one of the top women influencers in the field. She is currently working with Microsoft as Senior Program Manager, a go-to-market strategist for the Azure hybrid cloud. She has formerly worked at AWS and Forrester and has been an active member of CloudNow since its inception.

She holds more than 15 years of industry experience in the technology industry. Along with cloud computing, she bears expertise in related disciplines such as analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, edge computing, distributed systems, architecture, etc.

She was featured in Forbes’ Woman in Tech Series and recognized by several other platforms for her work in technology. Plus, she has endeavored to bring more women into the technology field and inspired women around the globe.

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6. Tristan Nitot

Tristan Nitot is another power influencer of the year 2022 who has empowered users with their personal data. He has provided and encouraged people to use the cloud solution for their storage-related issues. He has been the key person behind the creation and management of the Mozilla blog for many years. He acts as a strong voice and a privacy advocate for people in the cloud business. His current position is the VP of Advocacy at Qwant. He is specialized in open-source internet technologies. He has formerly been the Principal Evangelist at Mozilla Corporation and the president of Mozilla Europe. He was the key person behind the creation and management of the official Mozilla blog for years.

To read his latest suggestions and creations in the industry, you can follow his blog named “Stand blog”.

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7. Lydia Leong 

Lydia is another successful woman in the cloud computing industry. She has been serving as a cloud computing analyst in Gartner for Technical Professionals for more than 20 years. She holds expertise in the area of digital transformation of organizations and strategic research partnerships.

Along with having an extensive background in the internet and telecommunications industry, she specializes in web hosting, internet services, global-scale data center operations, and engineering, including DevOps.

According to her, her work functions at the intersection point of business and technology. She describes herself as a seeker of input, i.e., — information, opinions, and experiences. You can cloud pundit, an amazing blog managed by her for frequent updates on the cloud and modern technology.

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8. Adrian Cockcroft

Who doesn’t use the famous cloud infrastructure, Netflix? So, this man has been the mastermind behind this beautiful cloud infrastructure. He is currently in the position of Vice president of Cloud Architecture Strategy at Amazon AWS. During his working period at Netflix for around 6 years, he completely redesigned the company’s streaming services and process. After that, he shifted to Battery Ventures to leave his footprints. There, his work was to descend the obstacles faced by their cloud infrastructure. He has also interacted with AWS customers and developers through meetings, forums, and summits around the world marking his prolific presence in the company.

You can follow Adrian on his Twitter handle to stay updated with his latest suggestions and works.

9. Kevin L. Jackson

Kevin L. Jackson is an American business executive and author. Currently, he is serving as the CEO & Founder of GovCloud Network. This consultancy firm assists agencies and businesses in strengthening the parallel and global nature of cloud computing. From US Navy to a senior business executive in the computer industry, Jackson’s career has an ultrawide span and many to learn from. He has been recognized as a “Top 100 Cybersecurity Influencer and Brand” by Onalytica, as “Top 100 Cloud Computing Experts on Twitter” (2013), a “Top 50 Cloud Computing Blogger for IT Integrators” by CRN.

He has served as Chief Technology Officer of Intel Corporation and as a senior executive in companies like IBM and JP Morgan Chase. He also served as a vice president for Dataline LLC. He worked as the General Manager of Cloud Computing Services for NJVC. He was named a “Cyber Security Visionary” by US Black Engineer & IT magazine during this period. He has been running a cloud-computing blog entitled Cloud Musings since 2008 that has been named among the top 100 blogs on cloud computing in the United States. He has also co-authored books like GovCloud: Implementation and Cloud Brokerage Service and encourages developers with his writings. You can follow Kevin L. Jackson on LinkedIn & Twitter

10. Ian Moyse

Ian Moyse is an amazing achiever in the cloud industry. His name has been found in the list of best cloud computing thought leaders. He is not only proficient in cloud-based business but has engrossed his presence in several other arenas like the Internet of Things (IoT), Software as a Service (SaaS), etc. He is working as the sales director of Natterbox – a popular cloud telephony service providing telephony services.

Apart from this, his creations can be read on his own blog called Cloud Matters which discusses various issues that come under Saas, Iaas, Paas, and IoT platforms.  Indeed, you can find his guest blogs on Oracle, Maximiser, Equinix, Miller Heiman, Cloudtech, and many more. Also, he often gets ranked in various lists of cloud influencers, IoT masters, and data security experts.   

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It is very easy to find your interest in the cloud computing industry but indeed, it is the most difficult task to sustain. Staying updated with the latest practices can enable us to survive in this competing industry globally. As an entrepreneur, it is highly vital to know the importance of following the best cloud influencers. It helps you stay proactive to stay ahead of your competitors, plus, you can get immense knowledge from them. Increased cost and complexity of the work in the cloud business can tire you. To make your business progress and stay on height, these powerful leaders can help you achieve your success and alleviate your extra efforts.  You can definitely transform your business infrastructure with cloud computing but you need to carefully observe the expertise of the best cloud influencers of the year 2022. These cloud experts can help you acquire their knowledge share for sure.

A cloud practitioner certification and the persistent knowledge shared by these top cloud influencers will help you build a successful career in the cloud industry. 

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