What are the Top-Paying Cloud Certifications and Jobs for 2022?

If you are thinking about uplifting your cloud computing skills and getting top-paying cloud certification, then you are at the right place. Cloud computing is a valuable skill that you can learn. It opens doors for safe document storage, communication, and other resources. In addition, organizations are taking advantage of cloud resources, which means they need people with cloud certifications and knowledge. 

Various cloud computing certifications can help you start your career or enhance your skills. It is difficult to answer which cloud certification is best. Because the best certification is the one that will meet your needs, however, we can group top-paying cloud certifications and jobs in 2022. You have to choose certifications that offer proper skills to implement solutions for cloud applications. Opting for the best certification is the first step towards growth in the cloud environment and a successful career. 

In this article, we are going to list the top-paying cloud certifications and jobs in 2022. Let us get started.

Top-paying Cloud certifications in 2022

Here is a list of the highest-paid cloud certifications that you can get in 2022. Take a look at the options below.

1. AWS Certified Developer-Associate

It is an Associate’s certification that opens up a wide range of opportunities. Many people who get this certification move on to work for Amazon. Potential careers with AWS Certified Developer certification include data engineering, software development, software engineering, and more. 

When people ask which certification is best in the cloud computing field to earn a high salary, this certification is at the top. However, it might not be the best certification for beginners because it requires on-the-job experience. On the other hand, this certification can offer great career advancement for those having a year or two of cloud computing experience. 

2. AWS Certified SYSOPS Administrator

It is one of Amazon’s best certifications for cloud computing. This Associate’s AWS Certified SYSOPS cloud certification is for those having a year or more of working experience with AWS. It is designed for those working as system administrators in operations. This exam verifies a list of capabilities in the AWS system, including migrating on-premises workloads to AWS, choosing the best AWS system depending on various circumstances, and controlling the data flow to AWS systems. The certificate holders generally work as cloud solutions architects, site reliability engineers, and similar positions. 

3. AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate

This Associate’s certificate is also from Amazon Web Services and needs one or two years of experience before the examination. The exam allows certification-seekers to prove their capabilities with AWS applications. In addition, it exhibits advanced level knowledge that test-takers can leverage on the job. 

Having this certification on your resume can put you ahead in the job market, especially if you want to work for Amazon. For those who want to work for a higher position in Amazon, this one is the best certification one can get. Many of the certificate holders also have cross-certified with other cloud certifications, putting them at a higher salary potential.

4. Certified Cloud Security Professional-CCSP

It is a broad range certificate covering cloud design, security, data, risk, and compliance, and other cloud computing topics required to support cloud usage within an organization. Certified Cloud Security Professional CCSP is one of the best certifications for cloud computing. However, it is not a beginner-friendly certification, as it is necessary to have a minimum of five years of paid working experience in the IT field. Nevertheless, one can become an (ISC)2 associate by taking the exam without any experience. 

5. CompTIA Cloud+

This certification verifies that cloud experts should work in data centers. CompTIA Cloud+ gives a boost to job seekers. It covers data movement, cloud-based workflows, security, system architecture, and a range of other topics. Unlike several other cloud certifications, it is particularly vendor-natural, which does not come from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or any other major cloud service providers. 

CompTIA Cloud+ makes a good choice for those applying for jobs across various platforms. The information gained through this certification translated well across all platforms. CompTIA also has a continuing education program that can be leveraged to keep the certification up to date.

6. Google Certified Professional Data Engineer

This particular certification focuses on the test taker’s capabilities to work with Google Cloud technologies. It evaluates various tasks, such as data collection, publication, and transformation, among other things. The process also focuses on scalability, compliance, and other concerns that data architects use while working with Google Cloud. 

Most data engineers who get this certification work for Google. The knowledge and credentials in this exam are applicable across various platforms, especially those using Google Cloud for day-to-day operations. This certification on the resume can open doors as certificate holders can prove that they have a handful of company-benefitting knowledge.

7. Azure Solution Architect Expert_ Microsoft Certified

This certification needs immediate advanced knowledge in several Azure topics. The applicant should be comfortable implementing, overseeing, and maintaining an organization’s Azure system. This certification takes things a step ahead with additional requirements authenticating that certificate holders can take on solution-based careers. These requirements include understanding DevOps and Azure development processes. Azure Solution Architect Experts have various responsibilities, according to Microsoft. These include advising stakeholders and interpreting business requirements into scalable, reliable, and secure cloud solutions. All these skills are valuable within Microsoft and enterprises using Azure as their cloud computing choice. 

Top-paying Cloud jobs in 2022

Cloud adoption has begun in recent years, and there is no sign of slowing down. Prepare your career for the future. Here is everything you should know about the top-paying job in 2021. The increasing demand for cloud services creates hundreds of vacancies in the highest-paying computing industry. Getting a certification mentioned above in the article moves you a step forward in getting the jobs below and securing your career. Let us discuss the top-paying jobs in the cloud.

1. Cloud Consultant

Cloud consultants conduct several regular assessments and technical tests based on your business requirements. Then, they provide suggestions for cloud management, depending on your decision. This post is generally reserved for those with specific prior knowledge in computer science with more than five years of experience. In addition, this post requires excellent communication skills with strong technical knowledge.

2. Cloud Architect

The cloud architect uses and keeps an eye on the policies of an organization. Some of the knowledge and skills required for this post include knowledge of AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud platforms, detailed knowledge of cloud architecture, and good communication skills. The cloud architect is responsible for developing cloud policy, development of cloud architecture, and proper deployment of applications in the cloud environment.

3. Cloud Reliability Engineer

This job post provides significant advantages to exercise your brain if problem-solving is one of your strengths. Cloud reliability engineers maintain, update, and optimize cloud platforms. Moreover, the responsibilities include responding to incidents and a good knowledge of disaster recovery, closure, and failure procedures. 

4. Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

It involves working closely with hardware engineers and developers. It is required to carefully study the data and assess all possibilities to fulfill the responsibilities of an infrastructure engineer. It requires organizational skills, precision, strong research skills, and analytical thinking. It is related to the development of cloud networks and systems.

5. Cloud Security Engineer

Network security is necessary for any organization that develops or leverages cloud solutions. And cloud security engineers play a vital role in the team. The security management of various cloud platforms generally involves developing better security methods and the analysis of existing structures. Therefore, excellent coding and writing skills are required in the first place for this job role. Moreover, understanding a cloud system such as AWS is a big plus.

6. Cloud Security Architect

This post includes contributing to cloud-based architecture and managing the strategy and security vision for all kinds of cloud applications. Organizations generally need their candidates to have at least five years of experience as security architects and years of experience in cloud platforms like AWS. Moreover, the (ISC)2 is a valuable asset and enhances the power over other individuals.

7. Cloud Network Engineer

Network Engineers are responsible for recognizing the best cloud vendors and developing cloud services to fulfill the growing business requirements. The candidate should know network and cloud devices to perform these tasks. This role requires hands-on experience in network and server design, security, connectivity, analytical and troubleshooting skills. 

Final words

The key to deciding the value of any certification depends on your interests and your career focus. Before getting a cloud certification, it is better to look at what cloud platforms are often used in your target industries and geographical area. Cloud computing is a hot topic in the IT industry and offers you a great future. Research thoroughly and pick out the most used cloud technologies and most demanded technical skills. Keep up with the certification updates and participate in the community discussion forum. Finally, decide the best cloud certification and choose a job role based on the aspects, such as opportunities and salary. 


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