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What is QwikSkills? 

QwikSkills is a new-age practice platform for cloud certification exams. We help professionals get cloud certified with effective practice tests in our real-exam-like simulator to help them succeed on the first attempt. 

Cloud professionals looking to get certified often lack sufficient practice to earn cloud certifications. These certifications are fairly expensive, from around 150 to 500 dollars and failure may cost up to 6 months of wait time for retakes. More importantly, there is a clear lack of hands-on practice in real-time to complete the learning process. 

QwikSkills is the one-stop platform for all tech certification preparation and practice needs.

You can practice your cloud learning before taking real cloud exams with our professionally developed Practice Tests, hands-on cloud labs, and timely user assistance.

QwikSkills offers you a variety of Cloud Certifications that you can choose from your preferences. We offer Cloud Certification Practice Exams that are Simple to Use.

Practice exams in a real-exam simulator and in our hands-on cloud labs have been handpicked by our specialists to help you prepare for your cloud certifications.

We guarantee that after enough practice on QwikSkills, you will feel much more confident and at ease when taking the official certification test.

Why QwikSkills?

Most e-learning platforms only provide video learning and do not usually help users get prepared for the certification exams. The QwikSkills platform bridges the gap between cloud learning and getting certified. It enhances learning by effectively practicing with domain-based questions with detailed answer explanations.

Our practice tests are designed to cover real exam patterns with all possible technical domains so users get to practice all probable questions and scenarios before the real exam. Every question comes with a detailed answer explanation so users can grasp the core concept of the subject. Users get a temporary QwikSkills username & password to go to Cloud Consoles and practice making it a win-win situation for professionals, enterprises, and vendors.

QwikSkills practice is meant to help you succeed in exams and in your career by improving your cloud certification preparation.

It prepares for Certificates by taking practice examinations that simulate the actual exam.

  • You get unlimited access to all cloud certification practice exams. Thorough practice will help you immensely to clear the cloud certification exam on the first attempt.

  • For each question on the practice exam, there is a full answer explanation. You learn where you went wrong and how to rectify it.

  • The only site that provides unrestricted access to skillfully chosen questions for all certifications.

  • All of the practice tests are updated on a regular basis, and only the most relevant exam questions are shown to the user.

  • We provide you and your teams with low-cost, high-quality online certification practice exams. Pricing that is realistic for everyone’s budget.
  •  Besides practice tests, our users get the proven advantage of hands-on experience and learn-by-practice at scale with our hands-on cloud labs which help these professionals practice in a real-time cloud environment.

  • Assesses the user’s strengths and shortcomings and delivers appropriate comments and development ideas.

Pricing & Plans

QwikSkills is a subscription-based practice platform offering monthly & annual plans which include unlimited access to all certifications practice materials & hands-on cloud labs. 

Why there is a rapid demand for certified cloud professionals

Cloud computing has single-handedly helped the world be connected digitally. It provides a comprehensive source of jobs, applications, services, and platforms that benefit users individually, in enterprises, and global economic scale. The future of cloud computing is very wide and bright, offering scope for a lot of innovation and further technological advancement. 

Let us first pause and take a look at the everyday application of cloud service. When you stop and reflect, you will notice the use of the cloud in your everyday life. It has slowly replaced all your activities. Businesses like Blockbuster that required physical stores and bulky VCR/DVD rentals have been replaced by streaming services like Netflix, and Amazon Prime, so much so that they are also competing with the traditional cable tv business!

Cloud computing technology is used by the majority of companies and business corporations because of the benefits it offers to its users.

Not only do corporations gain greatly from Cloud technology, but so do average people.

The phenomenal rise of cloud technology has resulted in a significant surge in the need for cloud-skilled professionals.

Amazon will skill 29 Million people in cloud technology by 2025 while Google has announced it to skill 40M cloud experts in GCP by 2025. Clearly, cloud technology adoption is growing faster than ever and so is demand for cloud talent. ooge has announced to skill 40M cloud experts in GCP by 2025

Various cloud abilities may be gained and certified through various cloud certification examinations offered by cloud companies such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and others. 

The following are some of the advantages of obtaining cloud certifications.

  • Validates your knowledge and abilities in the areas of cloud technologies and applications design, development, deployment, and management.

  • A cloud certification demonstrates your certified cloud knowledge and skills for that cloud platform, as well as your competence.

  • It provides a plethora of options to work for some of the world’s most prestigious corporations.

  • Professionals with cloud credentials earn more money than equivalent professionals without certificates.

  • It distinguishes you from your contemporaries without certification on your CV and makes you a valued asset to the firm.

  • Increase your chances of finding a better job in the sector by a significant margin.

Why cloud learners should choose QwikSkills?

Learn by Practice!  With that motto, QwiSkills was started to help professionals who want to earn cloud certifications swiftly and understand cloud concepts. 

QwikSkills provides the most up-to-date Practice Tests for a wide range of cloud certifications that can help you get your cloud certification and advance professionally. 

The Practice Tests offered by QwikSkills cloud certifications are ideally suited to your successful certification route because it incorporates:

  • Most recent, important questions with explanations of correct and incorrect answers.

  • Certified cloud subject matter experts have created practice tests specifically for you.

  • Practice Tests are updated on a regular basis to ensure that they stay current and useful, so you won’t have to worry about obsolete information.

  • Practicing at QwikSkills helps you to have a better understanding of real test circumstances.

  • The best price plans are available to ensure that every certification aspirant has access to Practice Tests.

  • Because of the rapid user assistance, you will never be inconvenienced at QwiSkills and will be able to focus on training to succeed.


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